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"Sophie is the sweetest person ever and there wasn't a single minute of the whole time I was there that we weren't laughing and talking. She makes her clients feel so comfortable and welcome while also doing an amazing job on their makeup, so I would 15/10 recommend!!" -Alexis W.


"I've had my makeup done by other people, but sophilooks is EASILY THE BEST. Not only is she amazing to be around but she can also make you look really good!!!! She knows the best makeup and the lightest [weight products] so you don't feel like you are dying, I wore mine for 12 hours and it stayed on perfect the whole night !!!!!! 10/10 recommend." -Caroline S.


"GUYS! Sophi Looks is literally the BEST makeup artist you could ever ask for! She is sooo easy to work with, affordable, and does a PHENOMENAL job! If you ever need someone for dances, go to her! You will not be disappointed!" -Alexandria C.


"My makeup was amazing and lasted all night long! Sophie is so talented and such a pure human and I loved being around her! She made everything so comfortable and was so professional! I see her doing big things <3" -Brie G.


"Sophie is great at makeup and is fun to be around! She will make you feel so welcome and comfortable and make sure you like what she is doing as she goes, a great addition to the Murfreesboro MUA's!" -Maggie W.

“I can trust Sophie 100%!! I would definitely recommend her.

Sophie is amazing! I do not trust anyone else to do my makeup, and when I show her what I want, it’s exactly what she does! She’s seriously the best and I wouldn’t go to anyone else! 

-Jordyn C.


"Sophie is amazing at what she does! I felt gorgeous after my makeup appointment with her! Would definitely recommend Sophi Looks." -Ella Grace P.


"Sophie did EXACTLY what I asked for! She's amazing and I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to do my makeup!!"

-Madison B.


"Sophie did my makeup so perfectly! I think she's amazing and I hope she continues to pursue makeup in the future!" -Abi N.


"Sophie does an amazing job and is the best I've ever seen! Won't let anyone else do my makeup now :)" -Margo L.


"Sophie did a great job with my makeup and making me feel super confident! I would recommend all of my friends to go see her! She's the best!" -Sidney R.

"love everything especially getting to talk to sophie and her make you feel comfortable.

i just love her <3"

-Anna Claire S.

"so inviting, makes you feel like you’re home. always looks bomb.

would definitely recommend.

i love sophi looks n thats on periodt love"

-Abby E.


"I personally loved how welcoming and sweet sophie was along with her amazing makeup skills!"

-Ella Grace P.

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"Sophi, oh my goodness! She is amazing!! While she is doing your makeup, she will literally make you feel comfortable and she is a loving person! I recommend her because she is the best!! Love you Sophi!!" -Sarina K.

"I had my makeup done by Sophie for a photo shoot and she is so funny and makes everyone feel so comfortable and with her doing your makeup you know it’ll come out beautiful. I felt so confident in how I looked and the amazing job she did. My skin isn’t perfect and is def textured and I have some acne and she made everything look flawless." -Gracie K.

"Sophie is absolutely amazing and is super flexible with your wishes. She has such an amazing personality which makes the whole experience more enjoyable. Beautiful makeup and great conversations!!" -Kennedy N.

"Sophie did my makeup a while back for my 8th grade formal. It was so nice to have someone so sweet & funny who made me feel comfortable at the same time. The makeup turned out great, & I definitely wouldn't have wanted anyone else to do it!! 10/10 recommend." -Olivia W.

"Thank you [Sophie] for helping us make Daron feel so special. Highly recommend [Sophie] to anyone looking for a professional MUA!" -Abbie Leigh Photos

"I've loved how my makeup has turned out both times!! She does a great job and makes you feel comfortable and not stressed out or anything. Highly recommend!!" -Olivia B.

"Sophie made my day so easy and amazing.” -Abigail B.


"I literally had the BEST night ever! Sophie made me look so perfect." -Alexandria C.




"Amazing! So sweet and very complimentary! THE very best!!" -Greer F.


"So freaking amazing, everything looked bomb and stayed on the whole night!" -Ava W.

"Sophi Looks is the best ever!! I don’t trust anyone else to do my makeup, I love everything she’s ever done !" -Shayla M.



“My makeup looked amazing, Sophie is the best!” -Kyia Q.


“Sophie does the best makeup for any event! She makes you feel so comfortable!” -Olivia J.

"Sophie has a gift for making you feel and look your best!" -Lisa S.

"Sophie did so good and I seriously don't know who else I would ever go to! Sophie is the best, I love her!" -Jordyn C.


"I didn't think I would look good with a lot of makeup but it looked great the whole night!" -Sydney M.


“It looked amazing, Sophie is the best!” -Jenna S.


"SOPHIE IS SO GOOD! I got tons of compliments all weekend about my makeup! I would never go to anyone else! Love her big!"

-Chappell M.

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